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Live Your Life With PURPOSE

Creating a step-by-step plan for your life's purpose is probably easier than you think, but it does require some planning. In this course, you'll get access to specific processes that help reveal your deeper meaning. This isn't a bunch of theory . . . it's introspective, it's strategic, and it's all about getting solid results.

I have designed this program to help people become all they are capable of being. Each week will build on the next planting a seed of change, nurturing that seed, and allowing it to grow.  As you allow yourself to open up to this process and the strategies I have outlined, you will see and feel firsthand the benefits of discovering your purpose. Everyone could use this course for sure. I am going to show you a surefire way on how to explore who you are at the core, what you value most, and how you can live a fulfilled life.  

I'll show you how to reveal what matters most in your life. The week by week activities are all designed to walk you through the process in a succinct manner. Understand that althought these emails will come to you weekly this doesn't mean you have to tackle everything week by week. I encourage you to respect your process and go at your own pace. This will be different for everyone and although it states its an 8-Week program, discovering our purpose can take some time. When we put the time in and we do it right, we build a solid foundation to live a life with purpose, so take your time with this, there is no rush.

In this course, I'll show you how to get your priorities in order, define your core values, and use strategies to keep you focused in what matters most to you. You will understand that a life without purpose leaves one frustrated, confused, and living a hectic life with zero direction. You will learn that life with purpose allows one to thrive. Your dreams become a priority and you will be willing to take risks to make those dreams a reality. You will stop waiting for things to come your way and you will advance your life by making things happen. You will no longer live a life of stress. How many times a day are you saying "I am so, sooooo stressed!" Things like gratitude and appreciation for the small things in your life will become more pronounced. Stress, frustration, and confusion will all be significanlty reduced. You will connect with yourself on a spiritual level and embrace your life. You will live happier and more inspired than you ever have by being intricately aware of your needs, desires, goals and dreams.

Crafting Your PURPOSE

I'm going to show you how to explore your purpose.  I will walk you through guided introspective activities that will allow you to ask yourself questions that will create mindful thinking. You will ponder things in your life that may need some adjusting.  Through the use of visualization, anchor words, and vision boards you will see your purpose coming to life. Remember the seed of change I spoke of earlier? You will see it come to life right before your eyes. Your BIG WHY. Your PURPOSE!!

Don’t Take My Word For It

"After going through Maryalice's 8-Week Pursuing Purpose course I made some quality adjustments to my life. First, I booked a trip to Ireland which is something I dreamed of my whole life. Second, I started my own business as a executive business coach and I am beyond thrilled. Finally, I am more aware than ever that when I stay true to my core values and my BIG WHY I live with an abundance of happiness, confidence, and balance." 

Eileen, New Jersey

An Amazing client and owner of Cassidy Coaching!

"I loved the core values and the priorities section of the course. It really made me focus on what is most important and stop worrying about the small stuff. I am amazed how things that used to bother be no longer do. Today, I am able to stay focused and keep what matters most in my life in the forefront!"

Julie, New Jersey

An Amazing client

"What I learned was mind blowing! It really helped me gain clarity on who I am and that no matter what I am doing, as long as I am staying true to me and my core values, I will do it well. Not only will I do it well, I will be a happier and more vibrant me!"

Megan, New Jersey

An Amazing client

Here's Exactly What You'll Receive In
Pursuing Purpose: A Journey To Discover Your BIG WHY! 

  • A deeper understanding of your core values which are the foundation to living a life with purpose.
  • How to create a clear direction for your life by reevalutaing your priorities. 
  • Put an end to excessive stress and overwhelm.
  • How to create powerful skills that will help keep you anchored in your life's purpose.
  • Start making decisions based on your values. You will no longer lack direction, you will have a clear understanding of where you want to go and every decision you make will be strategic and mindful in order to get you there. 
  • You will have a clear vision on where you want your life to go and as a result you will quickly become an implementor; taking risks, embracing what is, and living a fulfilled life.

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I look forward to guiding you to discover your BIG WHY!

Maryalice Goldsnith